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Custom Performance Coatings

Arizona Aircraft Painting maintains the highest standards in both its workmanship and materials. This dedication enables us to provide you with an end result that both maximizes durability and minimizes corrosion.

Arizona Aircraft Painting’s professional aircraft painting team is made up of certified specialists with a reputation for great customer care, attention to detail, and superior results.

Custom Interior Refurbishment

Arizona Aircraft Painting offers the finest in design, materials, and customer service for your aircraft’s interior refurbishment. The quality you expect from us is evident in all of our interior work from two-seaters, helicopters, and twins, to corporate business jets. We take pride in going beyond normal expectations for interiors shops to meet the needs of clients not willing to sacrifice quality for the price.

Custom In-House Cabinetry

Wood surfaces in Aircraft are subjected to normal deterioration as well as mishandling from passengers. Clear finishes get scratched and chipped over time from normal use and it is not uncommon for the finish material to adopt a “milky” appearance with age. Chips and scratches can often be repaired through touch-up and by sanding and polishing the existing finish to a “like new” appearance.

EC 130

October 5, 2021

AS 350

October 5, 2021

212 N873HL

October 5, 2021

206L N21470

October 5, 2021

206L N313DH

October 5, 2021

206 N55UP

October 5, 2021

A109S N109EX

October 5, 2021

A109E N109FB

October 5, 2021

Cleaning and Detailing

The condition of your aircraft’s exterior is very important for both aesthetics and safety. A thorough cleaning aircraft reveals problems that may be developing prior to becoming safety of flight issues. We have experience finding a tiny crack or broken rivet or a budding batch of filiform corrosion while washing aircraft.

Window Replacements

Arizona Aircraft Painting will restore transparency to clear and colored acrylics, i.e. Plexiglas, Acrylite, Lucite, Polycast. We use a unique liquid along with hand polishing technology to remove hairline scratches, haziness, and halos. Our product contains no fillers or waxes that cause yellowing.


It is important to continue regular checks of airworthiness of your aircraft or aircraft part, including overhaul, inspection, replacement, defect rectification, compliance with airworthiness directives, and repair. Have peace of mind when you travel in your airplane after regular maintenance servicing.

I wanted to give you an update on ,my paint job. It looks as great today as it day the day you delivered it almost a year ago. I get a lot of questions asking where I got it painted; I hope some of them resulted in jobs for you. It is rare these days when someone does exactly what they promised and do so in a timely manner. My hobby is restoring classic cars and the one area, in which I can be guaranteed to have heartaches, is in the painting stage of the build. I’ve had cars in shops for a year that were promised in a month and I have never had one that didn’t require follow for paint issues. You delivered when you promised and as you know , I haven’t been back since. What a breath of fresh air it was contracting you to paint my airplane.

Thanks for everything,

Ken Hale: AA-5B Grumman Tiger

Our company purchased a Beechcraft bonanza that was in need of a new paint job and had no idea where to take it, not having an entire aircraft painted before this time. I found Arizona Aircraft Painting on the Internet in Phoenix Arizona (Falcon Field) and called them along with a couple of others around the area and found them to be someone I was comfortable with. An Aircraft paint job could go very well or very bad depending on the shop and the attention to detail one puts into it. We could have not been happier with the Paint job along with the detail. The complete aircraft was stripped, prepped, primed and painted. Including the inside of the wheel wells. All new decals were installed and the aircraft looks like new!
As an A&P mechanic I have seen the good and bad of aircraft paint and would recommend Arizona Aircraft to anyone!

A&P, Lynco Electric Co. Inc. Las Cruces NM

Nathan Wilcox: Beechcraft F33A Bonanza

I spent five years building my RV-8A, so when it came time to have it painted, I carefully selected a paint shop to do the work. Arizona Aircraft Painting was that shop. The attention to detail from beginning to completion was outstanding. All of the employees were a joy to work with and completely professional. I was present and personally observed each step of the process. Being the builder, I wanted to disassemble and then reassemble after painting. They could not have been more accommodating. The end product speaks for itself. Now six years after completion, I still get stopped on the ramp and hear, “That is some beautiful paint job. Where did you get it done”.

Still makes me grin.

Ronald Smith: RV-8A

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