Who We Are

We are your one-stop-shop for all your aircraft needs

What Sets Us Apart

We specialize in all aerospace performance coatings, combined with the latest in spray technology to produce a superior finish on your aircraft. Other paint finishes are available upon customer request.

We have a fully integrated, pressurized, and automatically climate-controlled paint booth, which keeps the temperature and humidity constant for Optimal Painting Conditions. This means you receive the best quality paint job possible.

When choosing who to trust to paint your aircraft, use our Aircraft Painting Checklist and don’t accept anything less than the Industry’s Best Practices.

Workmanship and Materials

Arizona Aircraft Painting maintains the highest standards in both its workmanship and materials. This dedication enables us to provide you with an end result that both maximizes durability and minimizes corrosion.

Arizona Aircraft’s professional aircraft painting team is made up of certified specialists with a reputation for great customer care, attention to detail and superior results.


We do a complete removal of all existing paint down the bare aluminum.


We do a thorough inspection and elimination any existing corrosion.


The world without photography will be meaningless to us if there is no light.


We follow the steps for Corrosion Protection, Primer, Basecoat, Design Elements, Clear Coat


Akzo Nobel Aerospace Coatings and DuPont Imron Aviation Finishes and 3M products


Boeing, United States Armed Forces, Embraer, Honeywell, Pilatus, Cessna

Performance Coatings



Cleaning & Detailing

Design Services


Paint Booth

Our paint booth is pressurized with an Intake Chamber, which allows clean air to be brought in via an intake plenum and then exhausted through a rear plenum. Air is directed by the plenums horizontally through the booth at an average velocity of 100 fpm. The intake and exhaust filters are designed to produce consistent air velocity inside the booth. The booth also maximizes the number of filters to reduce particulate contamination.

It is important to note that a paint booth having a positive pressure environment keeps unwanted dirt and debris from entering the booth, resulting in a cleaner paint job.

And finally, our automatic climate control system keeps temperature and humidity at constant optimal conditions to produce the best quality paint job possible.

Our Facility

Our Location:
4911 E Falcon Dr.
Mesa, AZ 85215

Arizona Aircraft Painting is a state-of-the-art, 10,000 square foot facility, with a 3,025 square foot pressurized, climate-controlled paint booth. Our paint booth provides a consistent air velocity of 90,000 cfm; essential to delivering a superior paint job.

After reviewing several paint shops, I decided to go with Arizona Aircraft Painting at Falcon field AZ. . I was looking for a shop that could do it all, complete interior , Speed mods, and custom exterior paint. AAP operates a clean well organized facility meeting or exceeding all requirements necessary to produce a professional finished project. My plane looks and smells like a new airplane. Well worth the investment.

Kent Fletcher - PA-28-180 Piper Archer

In the fall of 2011, I arranged with Arizona Aircraft Painting to paint my Zodiac 601XL, which I had recently completed constructing, and had just completed the initial 40 hours of solo flight time. Arizona Aircraft Painting performed well, and completed a magnificent paint job (the initial paint) on my aircraft. They completed a very professional job in a very timely fashion. I am very pleased, and proud of the quality and design of the job.

Ronald Ashcroft - Zenith Zodiac

I had visited several recommended shops prior to running across your operation. After taking a look at your clean, well organized set up, I knew I had found the best place. When I had my first annual after repainting, my mechanic and his assistant looked it over and said it was a “beautiful paint job and done the right way – one of best one they’d ever seen”. I continue to get rave comments on the design and how good it looks when I put my Katmai on display at our annual fly-in in Polson, Mt. Thanks.

John Hensler - Cessna 182

We love the paint job Arizona Aircraft Painting did on our Cherokee 235. It has been a few years since painting, but we still admire the paint scheme, colors and quality. The new paint and scheme dramatically updated the look of our plane. We had the unexpected glitch with the unseen need to repair the tip tank, but that was solved professionally and quickly. Our plane looks great today and we continue to get compliments. Thank you!

D. Noel Candland - PA-28-235 Piper Cherokee