Wood surfaces in Aircraft are subjected to normal deterioration as well as mishandling from passengers. Clear finishes get scratched and chipped over time from normal use and it is not uncommon for the finish material to adopt a “milky” appearance with age. Chips and scratches can often be repaired through touch-up and by sanding and polishing the existing finish to a “like new” appearance. Finish material can also be stripped and a new finish applied to the existing veneer to extend the life of your furniture and cabinetry. Alternatively, AAP has the capability to remove the existing wood veneer and replace the wood with the same type of veneer, or we can change the wood species to provide an updated look throughout your cabin.

AAP utilizes genuine wood veneers that stand up to high-wear applications.

Warm, rich, exotic natural woods are available in a wide range of colors, species, finishes, and distinctive designs.

Our finishing process provides a seamless, “better than factory” finish which you and your passengers will enjoy for years to come.

Our in-house facility allows us to provide high-quality re-veneering, repairing, and refinishing for all types of interior cabinetry, and fixtures.

We offer a broad range of cabinetry services including Cabinetry re-veneer or repaint, Cabinetry sand and refinish, scratch removal, minor repair services, cleaning, and machine polishing.

The durability and longevity of your cabinets will prove to be the highlight of your new interior. Once your cabinetry is installed, your interior will present a level of elegance a notch above comparable aircraft

Our Facility

Our Location:
4911 E Falcon Dr.
Mesa, AZ 85215

Arizona Aircraft Painting is a state-of-the-art, 10,000 square foot facility, with a 3,025 square foot pressurized, climate-controlled paint booth. Our paint booth provides a consistent air velocity of 90,000 cfm; essential to delivering a superior paint job.