Aircraft Cleaning and Detailing Services

The Federal Aviation Regulations require that aircraft be cleaned.

Aircraft cleaning is an important component of the maintenance matrix, but cleaning is often ignored or minimized. Cleaning ought to be a priority, and it shouldn’t be neglected by the owner/operator.

“each person performing an annual or 100-hour inspection shall thoroughly clean the aircraft and aircraft engine.” FAR 43, Appendix D

The condition of your aircraft’s exterior is very important for both aesthetics and safety. A clean aircraft is a healthy aircraft and a thorough cleaning aircraft reveals problems that may be developing prior to becoming safety of flight issues. Through our “Dry Wash” method, we have experienced finding a tiny crack or broken rivet or a budding batch of filiform corrosion while washing aircraft.

Aircraft Drywash

This method involves no water and eliminates all environmental issues. Dry Wash is a more detailed and thorough aircraft cleaning than a traditional wet wash. Arizona Aircraft Painting uses a specialized solvent applied in four-foot sections, then hand polishes each section to a long-lasting shine plus UV protection. The landing gear is protected from water penetration by using a special cleanser that meets Boeing specifications.

  • Mobile Dry Wash Service Another distinct advantage of our Dry Wash system is that we can service your aircraft anywhere.
  • Save Money More aircraft owners, pilots, and operators are switching to a Dry Wash system not only for amazing results but for the cost savings it offers.
  • Lasts up to three months
  • FAA approved

Window Restoration

Arizona Aircraft Painting will restore transparency to clear and colored acrylics, i.e. Plexiglas, Acrylite, Lucite, Polycast. We use a unique liquid along with hand polishing technology to remove hairline scratches, haziness, and halos. Our product contains no fillers or waxes that cause yellowing.

Emergency mobile service available for aircraft grounded by the FAA.


Permagard is a specialized permanent deep gloss paint protection system. Once applied to your aircraft’s paint surface, the annual maintenance costs are substantially reduced – with the bonus of added protection against corrosion, fading, and oxidation caused by UV & IR. Additional advantages of Permagard include:

  • Brilliant long lasting deep gloss and shine
  • Eliminates swirl marks
  • Does not contain wax or silicates and does not have to be stripped off
  • Easy to clean, no need to polish ever again
  • Dramatically reduces cleaning time by up to 45%
  • Reduces drag resulting in reduced fuel costs

Interior Detailing

A thorough cleaning results in scrutiny that is extra-diligent and even more detailed than the most careful visual inspection. Inside the aircraft, we start work from the cockpit, back through the entire cabin. In the cabin, we take care of every detail.  Standard interior detailing includes:

  • Interior Service Cleaning interior Windows, Instrument Panel & Lenses, Headliner, Brow, Interior Plastics, Seats & Door Panels, as well as cleaning of all carpets and upholstery. ( Standard carpet cleaning includes vacuuming and spot cleaning.)

Optional Extras:

  • Carpet Extraction Carpet extraction goes a step beyond, using steam cleaning to bring the original texture and appearance back to the carpet. Our Extraction Service will restore carpet appearance, pile, and smell.
  • Leather Treatment Cleaning and conditioning all leather seats. The aircraft interior is exposed to dry air at altitude. This can significantly shorten the life of expensive leather. By having us meticulously clean and dress your aircraft’s leather you will have soft and uncracked seats.

Aircraft Polishing

Hand waxing the exterior restores life to the finish of your aircraft. This procedure is recommended at least once a year. Machine buffing gives your aircraft that high gloss look. Soaps and de-greasers often cause stripping of the paint. Machine buffing with a high-quality wax removes oxidation and staining and leaves your aircraft sparkling.

Metal Polish (AKA Bright Work)

Polishing Brightwork not only enhances the appearance of your aircraft, but it also reduces corrosion. Protection with corrosion inhibitors is a simple way to prevent metal from degrading. Airborne moisture can begin damaging metals rapidly after just 6 months. We can polish any airplane part regardless of its size. A mirror finish is guaranteed.

Arizona Aircraft Proudly Uses:

NOTE: Other paint finishes are available upon the customer’s request.

Axalta Imron Aviation Finishes

Sherwin-Williams – Aircraft Paint

Our Facility

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Arizona Aircraft Painting is a state-of-the-art, 10,000 square foot facility, with a 3,025 square foot pressurized, climate-controlled paint booth. Our paint booth provides a consistent air velocity of 90,000 cfm; essential to delivering a superior paint job.