Vortex Generators

It has been known for some time now that vortex generators reduce stall speeds and improve an aircraft’s handling performance. Vortex generators allow the wing to develop more lift at a lower airspeed. This reduces takeoff speed and improves the rate of climb. Vortex Generators also retain positive aileron control and enhance your rudder authority in higher angles of attack. You will immediately notice an improvement in your aircraft.

Working in partnership with McDonnell Douglas Aerospace (now Boeing, Long Beach), the new technology was tested on a number of wing designs in the NASA Langley low-turbulence Pressure Tunnel. The wind tunnel tests showed that Micro Vortex Generators dramatically enhanced performance on aircraft resulting in a 10% increase in lift, 50% decrease in drag, and a 100% increase in lift-to-drag ratio. These positive aerodynamic effects should also lead to improved landing performance and reduced approach noise.

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Arizona Aircraft Painting is a state-of-the-art, 10,000 square foot facility, with a 3,025 square foot pressurized, climate-controlled paint booth. Our paint booth provides a consistent air velocity of 90,000 cfm; essential to delivering a superior paint job.